Mauritius Tourism Authority re-appoint Navigate

26 August 2022


At Navigate we're delighted to have been selected once again, by the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) to help drive awareness and deliver a data capture campaign for its global #MauritiusNow strategy.

The MTPA operates as a state-owned organisation that strives to promote Mauritius and its perception as a prime holiday spot and up-market destination.  

The Mission: To increase the visibility of Mauritius as a prime holiday and up-market destination.

The MTPA works closely with the local and wider tourism industry to help promote the beautiful island. Primed to help you discover, the organisation even has 13 live webcams set up around the 1,200 miles of beautiful coastline, to not only help you learn from afar but convince you to jump on the next jet.

From fairs and roadshows to helping you get to know the locals, MTPA help people to discover the abundance of beautiful resort hotels, pristine coastline, and wild nature for as far as the eye can see, wrapped up in a world-leading historical, cultural and culinary attraction.

Having previously worked with the Mauritius Tourism Authority on campaigns such as #TakeMetoMauritiusNow, Navigate will be working to help the organisation target regular travellers across a variety of European countries. 

Using our data backed evidence, Navigate are set to deliver a data capture and create content to help drive users to the campaign. Utilising socials to drive awareness, grow their social audience and gather a database for future use, the campaign hopes to run for up to 6 weeks. In this time Navigate will continue to optimise results to ensure the budget is spent efficiently. 

It hopes to deliver a high level of campaign impressions, landing page traffic, competition entrants and social media growth.  

Ashvin Sawmynaden, Digital Marketing Manager of the MTPA, said: 

“With the Mauritian tourism industry now back up and running, we are very excited to work with Navigate to launch this global campaign which will be of enormous benefit to Mauritius’ short term and long term strategy.”

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