Raising the Benefits of Blue Health with The Wave

5 November 2022


The Wave is an in-land surf destination born in Bristol and quickly taking the UK by storm. It's created an opportunity for everyone to take to the waves, get active and experience the brilliant blue health benefits of being in and around water.

Navigate are delighted to announce a new partnership where we will help The Wave reach wider audiences and raise awareness of the positive power of water and waves.


Who are The Wave?

The Wave uses ground-breaking technology to produce perfect waves for everyone, from a child stepping on a board for the first time, to a professional training for the Olympics. Although surfing is at its heart, The Wave is about more than that. It's about coming together with others and sharing a space where everyone can feel happy and alive, without judgement.

The Wave is all about removing barriers to blue space – be they physical, psychological, cultural, religious or economic - and encouraging as many people as possible to experience the health benefits it offers. It carries out a lot of social impact activity to fulfil this aim, with a particular focus on growing the UK’s para-surfing community, improving gender and ethnic diversity in surfing, and using surf therapy to help those struggling with poor mental health. 

How are Navigate helping?

Navigate will be working with The Wave to develop and deliver a digital paid media strategy which will allow them to continue to deliver their purpose with as much ease as possible. Raising awareness, sales and bookings will help The Wave bring Blue Health to more people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.   

Alex Lloyd, Sales and Marketing Director of The Wave says:

“We are a genuinely passionate community here at The Wave. When selecting partners, it’s important to us to work with people who are not only experts in their field, but also have an emotional connection with us and share our passion. The team at Navigate demonstrated this and we are looking forward to working with them.” 

“Living locally, I have watched The Wave grow from a dream to a fantastic experience for all. I am a huge fan and a regular visitor with my family - both my children having mastered surfing thanks to their passionate team. We are delighted to be partnering with The Wave and to work with such a forward-thinking company and to help them continue the incredible work and opportunities they create for others.” 

Simon Jones, Managing Director, Navigate

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