Building Subscribers for a Revolutionary Conservation Media Platform


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“Nature needs us”. That’s the call to arms from Ecoflix, the world’s first not-for-profit streaming platform. And here at Navigate, we couldn’t agree more.

Imagine a place where you can stream the world's best, in-depth nature documentaries combined with the knowledge that your monthly subscription goes directly to supporting conservation projects and NGOs around the world. By learning and engaging with content about nature, you can help protect the wildlife featured in it. That’s exactly the premise Ecoflix is built on, and we’re delighted to reveal we’ll be partnering with the team to grow their reach, build their audience and make the world a better place.

About this exciting new conservation platform

Ecoflix goes beyond the values of a traditional streaming platform and instead gives nature lovers a place to dive into award-winning wildlife content whilst knowing that you’re having a positive impact on the natural world.

This visionary platform, pioneered by some of the best natural history filmmakers in the world, offers a treasure trove of captivating, enlightening, inspirational documentaries. From majestic whales to charismatic bears, the platform actively contributes to various wildlife and conservation initiatives. Ecoflix collaborates with charities & NGOs to empower individuals to become part of the solution.

"Every so often, an organisation comes along that aligns with our mission so perfectly, and as soon as we heard of Ecoflix's mission and values, we knew we could support them in their endeavours. And together, we know we can support this incredible platform to raise awareness and funds for our planet."

Anthony Rawlins, CEO of Navigate

Our Method

Navigate's partnership with Ecoflix, working directly with Ecoflix's Chief Operating Officer Aimee Anderson, aims to define and activate a clear marketing strategy that enables growth and user acquisition. 

At Navigate, we’ve developed our marketing and user engagement expertise over decades and are excited to put this experience into supporting Ecoflix to achieve its objectives. 

Through clear and actionable marketing plans, the goal is to rapidly grow the user base and generate critical funds for conservation projects.

Find out more about Ecoflix

Ecoflix Website

”Our mission is to help inspire people, so they fall back in love with Nature, remember how magical it is and take action to protect it. With the Navigate team at the helm of our marketing efforts we know we’ve partnered an agency of incredible growth experts who mirror our mission perfectly and are changing the world one marketing campaign at a time."

Aimee Anderson, Chief Operating Officer, Ecoflix

In our opinion, Ecoflix is the media platform disruptor to watch - leveraging today's online video streaming revolution for good and the benefit of nature. 

For more information on Ecoflix, head to their website here.

Ecoflix joins Navigate's impressive client portfolio of travel, tourism and conservation brands, including Yeo Valley, DFDS, the National Marine Aquarium, The Royal Geographic Society, Brighton i360 and Catalunya.

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