Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum appoint Navigate to design a bespoke attribution model.

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The Imperial War Museum (IWM) Duxford encapsulates a history of wartime Aviation. As Europe’s largest air museum, it holds a historic runway, hangars and exhibitions that showcase its important role in WW2 and other key moments in 20th century history. As a base for many Spitfire and Hurricane pilots, the site was host to some key 20th century moments. We had the chance to work alongside them to complete an audit, advise on strategy and design a two month summer campaign to increase awareness and footfall over the 2022 period.  

Our main objectives

Our Approach

Starting with a full audit of the IWM’s current multi-platform activity, we curated feedback for the teams to be used in the design and implementation of the summer campaign.

The next phase was to complete bespoke attribution modelling to identify the best platforms for the campaign as well as the best performing audiences.

Using Google Analytics enabled us to analyse channel activity, assess and prioritise platforms for increasing consideration and end conversions. Using this we were able to provide shareable overview reports showing what is driving conversions, users and purchases.

These two initial phases are being used to build a campaign to run over the summer months.